Hi friends! Wishing you all health and hope and peace. It sure has been an "interesting" few months. I wanted to drop a quick note to give an update on my work and call. I am currently "on leave from call", which for me means I am taking a break from leadership in church and... Continue Reading →

Exuberant Love 2018

Leo's Ordination and Circus Filled Fundraiser! July 2014, 2018 - We gathered to celebrate God's exuberant love for all and Leo's ordination as an ELCA pastor. We continued with a celebration of exuberant love in the community with a circus filled variety show and fundraiser for AIDS Walk Portland. You can check out the fantastic... Continue Reading →

Good Friday Meditation

Willamette River, 2017The following is the meditation I shared at St. Andrew Lutheran tonight at the Good Friday service.  We did the seven last words of Jesus, and my passage was the Luke 23:32-34 below.Luke 23:32-34 (NRSV): Two others also, who were criminals, were led away to be put to death with him. When they... Continue Reading →

Christmas Letter, 2017

To my beloved Friends and Family,Wishing you a beautiful holiday season, and all that is good and joyful in 2017! I’m grateful for each of you.  I write this on the day that the Electoral College voted, and I know that on my letter list are many who are mourning, and some who are glad. ... Continue Reading →

Finding Leo: The Flame

When I interviewed for this position, I told them that my main slogan is “I don’t care if you go to church, I don’t care if you believe in God. It’s not my job and none of my business. I just want to make sure there is a safe and welcoming church for you if you want it.” This will not change. Even as we start building The Flame, I will never try to convert you. This is just one more part of my life that I can talk about when you ask, “So what’s new?”

Finding Leo: Three Glass Marbles

I pick up the three stones again and hold them all in my hand. They make little clicking sounds as they bump into each other in my palm. Our lives are complex, and contain many emotions and experiences. Often we have conflicting feelings side by side. Indeed, we can never know the depth of what another person is holding in their hearts. I dream of a world where we listen to one another, and help each other carry the burden of tears, celebrate life’s delights, and dwell in hope.

Thank You Oregon Lutherans!

Rainbow Cross by Adam PageI'm not sure if this is the right time to post this or not, but here it is. On June 1st, I started a quarter time position with the Lutheran church to do advocacy for and ministry with the LGBTQIA community. In the midst of our sorrow and anger, and so... Continue Reading →

Finding Leo: Of Love and Pride

Fear and prejudice in our country are still real and alive. But so is our pride and our defiance. From the first walk after Stonewall to today, our presence says “NO” to those who would try to silence or demean us. Thank you to the people of faith who join us in that defiance and say “YES!” to love.

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