Audience Participation

Psalm 102:7 “I lie awake; I am like a lonely bird on the housetop.”

Row River, Oregon

DISCLAIMER: Today’s bible verse is not how I feel. It is my example of a verse and a psalm that describe loneliness. Just thought I’d let you know.

So why do I want to discuss loneliness?  Because I think that loneliness and feelings of isolation are common feelings in our culture. I think many of us experience it at times, some more than others. We long for authentic connections, where we can be loved as our true selves, where we can find meaning. We long for a safe and caring community.  Or maybe it’s just me.

One of the puzzles I’ve been turning over in my head is how to build community and reduce feelings of isolation.  I think about this from an academic and a practical point of view.  What should I study to contemplate this?  What should I do to work towards this?

This is where the audience participation comes in….. what are your thoughts?  Profound or silly, what do you think about loneliness and community?  Does it keep you up at night?  Or is it something you’ve never worried about?  Have you found any good ways to answer these questions?  Please share your thoughts!

And since I like to end my daily devotion with a prayer, here’s today’s:

God of us all, Be with us this night and always. Especially comfort those who lie awake in loneliness. Build up our communities to be safe and nurturing places. Give us creativity, wisdom, and grace so we may find new and meaningful ways to connect those around us. Thanks. and Amen.

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  1. there's a difference between lonely and alone. sometimes I need to be alone, but never enjoy loneliness. sometimes i need processing or cave time and sometimes i just hurt, and don't realize I need people. and I need to remember that even when I FEEL lonely, God is always with me, waiting for me to remember He/She is there to love and hold me.g


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