New Year’s Gratitude

Philippians 1:3: “I thank my God every time I remember you,”

Happy 2013!

As I start this New Year, I want to share my gratitude for each of you and the ways you have touched my life.  Tonight I got to see dear friends that I’ve known 19 years, and last night I got to celebrate New Years with amazing friends I met this summer (and I’ve never kissed so many boys at New Years!)  😀

Old friends and new, church friends, downtown friends, grad school and old school friends, work friends, spin friends, family friends and everyone and everywhere in between, I am blessed to know each of you. There isn’t enough time in the day for me to get to know all of you as much as I would like: for the rich conversations, the belly laughs, the personal stories, and the heartfelt words of friendship. I thank God every time I think of you and I’m really glad I have another year to deepen our relationships and strengthen our bonds of community.  I guess what I’m saying is Thank you for being a friend.

God of love, bless us all with the gift of friendship. Be with the lonely and isolated, as well as those whose social calendars are full. Let all of us know we are loved, valued, and not forgotten. Build our communities, grant us true and lasting friendships, and bless us with your grace and love in all of our relationships.  Amen.

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